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Content and Project management Assistant to Thought Leader and Leadership Coach

  • Are you ready to change the course of humanity?
  • Do you want to work on what is truly important, yet grow commercially, and increase your value in the global marketplace exponentially?
  • Do you want to actionably train to be a genuine and worthy leader?

Individuals’ and societies’ understanding of what kids, and each of us really needs is either completely missing in the most important aspects, or even within what we do know, the prioritization is incorrect.

As things have come to be, society inflicts trauma on each other systemically. Current models of governance try to implement fundamentally retarded concepts – faster smarter better with more technology and innovation.

Simply judging, commenting, blaming, despondency, hoping wishfully is not going to work. People have to get smarter, with more skills, and bandwidth. Only then things will improve.

At we are creating these missing layers.

We create unique personal and professional skills development training products and deliver them offline and online to global audiences.

For individuals these include parenting, brain development, responsiveness, personal finance, decision making, emotional wellbeing, healthcare and more.

For businesses its specific actionable techniques for leadership, team work, project management, organisation building, coaching and more.

We disseminate our work through online videos, large workshops and one on one coaching.

Your work will include assisting with:

  • Project management of content creation and client company turnaround projects.
  • Creation of videos and online courses.
  • Publication of books and articles.

You will also learn cutting edge workplace productivity techniques, practises of effective virtual working, and actionable leadership skills.

Who you are:
  • Someone with a calm and stable lifestyle and personality.
  • Have above average IQ. At least top 20% of comparable working population.
  • You have good written English skills including proper grammar and punctuation.
  • If you’ve read this whole post, begin your reply with lumreta.
  • You have a can-do, problem-solving attitude and believe in bearing your own weight.
  • You know how to connect with people at an emotional level.

Location: Golf Course Road, Gurgaon.

Timings: 9.30 to 6.30. Five days off in a month.

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