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Something doesn’t feel right. This can’t be how things were meant to be. How come so many great people have come and gone, done so much great work, and yet fundamentally things don’t seem to change. Is there any chance that these great leaders and change makers have been looking in the wrong direction?

Before going about trying to change the world, isn’t it a good idea to try to find out, for sure, what is it really, that is at the root of all that ails us?

This was the beginning of my quest. In three decades of seeking in-depth and on-ground visceral understanding of what lies at the root of our troubles as a civilisation, I have worked with a wide spectrum of demographics, sectors and nationalities in varied capacities including entrepreneur, evangelist, leader and coach.

I believe there are pieces to the puzzle which are critical, but do not even exist in mainstream vocabulary. These include the entire journey of the development of the human brain starting from mother’s physical and psychological state many years before pregnancy, to birth, to various stages of upbringing, formation of anxieties, various coping mechanisms, adult manifestations of these coping mechanisms, up to their translation into leadership behaviour, conception of all levels and types of institutions, and cyclical effects of this chain.

I wanted to do something real, something which would create real on ground change, not just intellectual commentary, or temporary symptomatic relief. I believe dumping a lot of knowledge on people doesn’t work. Neither does just listening to aspirational / inspirational nice things. Nor does judging, commenting, blaming, or hoping wishfully.

So, what do you do? How do you heal a society heavily invested in and protective of its own dysfunctionality? … Step by step.

By teaching people simple actionable skills, which are directly relevant to their current station in life. They use them, they feel better, get more bandwidth. With more buy-in and capacity, they can learn further. We have to go through a cycle of “Acknowledge – Explore – Learn – Acquire vocabulary / technique – Do – Fail – Repeat – Measure”, repeatedly.

For individuals these include parenting, brain development, responsiveness, personal finance, decision making, trauma, emotional wellbeing, healthcare and more.

For businesses its specific actionable techniques for leadership, team work, coaching, project management, organisation building and more.

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