How I work

I try to acquire all the knowledge in the world … and then ..

I don’t bother about it.

I’m only concerned about the person in front of me.

100% of my energy goes in absorbing the person in front of me – entire entity, not just their logic and aspirations. Entire entity – emotions, background, everything.

I am a pure empath.

I also try to learn the best business techniques in the world.

I try to learn the best people techniques in the world.

Once I have absorbed the person in front of me completely, then I am one with their strengths, aspirations, feelings, fears, challenges, everything.

Then I think. What is possible within their comfort zone, to create the changes that they want? I start with those.

Alongside, I slowly start working on expanding their comfort zone.

Alongside, I introduce them to concepts relevant to them, which were out of their radar till now.

Alongside, I start working on the members of their team, in a similar fashion, within the bandwidth available.

Alongside, I start implementing systems and business decisions, which will free up cash, bandwidth, capital, inventory, manpower, resources.

As results, resources and bandwidth increase, we keep going to the next level.

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