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Successful entrepreneur driven business organisations, when they grow organically, and do well, it is because the entrepreneur has been successful in finding team members who have functionally driven various domains, and scaled up to a certain level.

Successful businesses are highly functional domains driven and usually led by competent domain experts, who have been in their respective domains for many years.

Once an organisation reaches a certain level, where it is no longer possible for a domain Leader/expert to take care of everything themselves, they have to start developing the team under them.

This is where a lot of layers, of skills, expertise, concepts, and overall techniques come into play.

Candidly speaking, simply creating a hierarchy, calling some people managers, giving them role power over other people, making them supervise other people’s work – is not equal to management. In other words, designating people as managers does not equate to them developing managerial skill overnight.

Being a good worker is one thing. Being a good supervisor has more in common with being a good worker, than being a good manager in the modern-day context of the information centric workplace.

If as a business and as an entrepreneur, we have been promoting and developing people, does not mean that they know even the basics of genuine managerial skills.

It is a completely different ball game from functional expertise. No matter what the degree of domain expertise and functional expertise, the skills of a genuinely good manager, the mental make-up, the psychological skills, the thought and behaviour patterns needed, are almost entirely different, and usually completely alien to most line managers.

Unlike other training organisations and consulting companies, we consider ourselves a deeper brain science and behavioural improvement organisation who works on the roots of behaviours and brain development.

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