About Siddharth

My work till now:

Last 10 years:

  • Worked with some of the most efficient businessmen in the world.
  • Done in-depth authentic research and implementation of the best business practices and systems practised anywhere in the world.
  • Done very unique in-depth research into child upbringing, brain development, conditioning, coping mechanisms, anxieties, habitual thought processes – basically everything that drives human behaviour. It gives me unique abilities to understand and synchronize promoters, CXO level leaders, and everyone else in the organization.
  • Proven track record of immediate improvement of top key metrics – PAT, ROCE, EBITDA, Stock turns.

Before that:

  • Managing Partner of a full-service law firm.
  • Founder and co-founder of ventures in Infotech, education, e-governance, and legal services.

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